General Information

The Embassy extends following consular services:

i.    Issuance of new passport

ii.   Endorsement in the Handwritten passport

iii.  Renewal of Passport

iv.  Power of Attorney and consular documents attestation

v.  Issuance of Travel Permit

vi.  Visa/ NVR


About Machine Readable Passport

Bangladesh Embassy in Brussels has started enrollment of Machine Readable Passport (MRP). The expatriate Bangladeshi citizens who possess hand written passport are requested to apply for Machine Readable Passport. They are encouraged to apply online at the following weblink:

Some practical information is given below:

I. For MRP application you must have a hand-written passport which is at least 3/4 years old.

II. If you do not possess a 17 digit birth registration number or Bangladesh National Id card, you have to apply for Interim Birth Registration Number in the Embassy.

III. Prior appointment is required to process your application, to take photographs and take fingerprints as required in the MRP.

IV. MRP is printed in Dhaka. If all processes take place in time, your MRP will be ready for delivery at least one month after your enrollment.

For those who have lost their valid Bangladeshi passport:

. Application for new passport would require

                                                    i. Police Report

  ii. Photocopy of first 1-5 pages of the old passport

 iii. Nationality Certificate/Birth Certificate

For Government Officials relevant GO (Government Order) would be required.

Consular Hours: Applications for all kind of consular services (Like issuance of passports, visa, legalization/attestation of documents) are accepted between 09:30 AM and 11:30 AM. Delivery time is between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM. No application will be received after 11:30 AM.

Consular Fees: Please check Consular Fee and Service section for detailed information.

NO REFUNDS:  Fees, once received, cannot be refunded.

Processing Time: Please check Consular Fee and Service section for detailed information. May please be noted that strict time schedule may not always be possible to maintain in cases where we need response from concerned authorities.

Possible query:  If you have any question or query relating to consular services, please go through the website first; if not satisfied please call: +32-2-640 5500 from Monday through Friday between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM.